THE HISTORY OF THE KFCDSA TO THE CURRENT DAY written by it's Chairman -Peter Orr-

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The KFCDSA was formed in 1992. After meetings with the then Killie board; we were invited to form a committee that would then take over the running of all enquiries from home and away disabled football supporters who wished to attend games at Rugby Park. After the committee was formed a constitution was agreed on by members, who at that time numbers stood at 7 in total- myself being one of the founder members. Since then through the years to present we now have 128 Disabled members and 65 Carers.

Every month we hold a meeting of committee members in the Park Hotel to discuss any businees involving KFCDSA and assist in trying to make sure that all our disabled members can attend games without any difficulties and if they need any help we strive to alleviate any problems that occur swiftly.
We conduct several commercial activities that are aimed at improving our members experiences whilst also doing our bit to help support the football club financially. We hold a bottle stall at the Killie Festival to raise funds for the use of our members. i.e Christmas Lunch in the Park suite. We aid and assist members in whatever activity they choose to take part in, either learning or sports, by donating monies to them so they can participate. In addition, we have several members who swim for the West of Scotland in Scottish competitions;Ten pin bowlers (who at this time are in training for the Par-Olympics),one of our members is the British Champion at Badminton for Dwarfism and we have other members who participate in wheelchair outdoor green bowling in the Scottish Disability Sports Scottish finals .



*For all enquiries about coming to a match or getting involved contact the Club on (01563 545300) or alternatively Peter Orr on (01563 537522)*